Welcome to seychellesconsul.com - the place of Seychelles' diplomatic missions all over the world.

Seychelles' corps of Consuls comprises individuals from all the continents, acting in their personal capacity and chosen for their distinctive above-average ability to promote and defend Seychelles' interests.

Being Consul of Seychelles is both an honour and a complex and demanding task requiring constant efforts, an innovative frame of mind and a pro-active perception of one's duties and responsibilities. All consuls are expected to contribute with dynamism to the success of the Ministry and the achievement of its objectives.

This is place in which public side one can obtain full information about the Seychelles' Diplomatic Missions abroad, new about Seychelles and also the most important things everyone must know before traveling to this beautiful Indian Ocean island country.

It's closed part although is only for the Seychelles' Honorary Consuls, Honorary Consuls General, Ambassadors and Head of Missions. They can exchange informations, opinions, positions, can discuss important issues with their colleagues all over the world and Ministerial staff members.

The main advantage of this forum will be to air diverse points of view on all subjects of common interest and to act as a platform, where experiences, concerns and expectations will be shared, and where proposals, ideas and projects will be debated in a frank and less formal manner.

Enjoy the both parts of this site and if you have any questions, proposals or recommendations how to make it better, please send them to support@seychellesconsul.com